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Did you ever dream of walking into a grey cell block where a 5-minute break at the water cooler is your only daily escape from the fish bowl?

Neither did we. That’s why 200+ of Sydney’s most creative work inspired at Your Desk. Where Monday feels like Friday.

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What is Think Tank Cowork?

More than a co-working space, that’s for sure. It’s a place to gather, share ideas, create, celebrate, and even play at- but most of all, we are a community.

Who is Think Tank for?

We serve the community at large so whether you’re an entrepreneur, someone looking for an event or meeting space, want to record a podcast, are a remote employee, startup, or even a student- we’re here for YOU.

Your Own Office Space Sandbox of Ideas!

Our spaces aren’t just about providing a desk and chair; they’re about fostering an inclusive environment where different ideas and projects can flourish. If you’re seeking more than just an office space, Think Tank Cowork is the place for you. With flexible coworking spaces, meeting rooms, podcast studios, and more, we offer the versatility you need. And if you’re in search of office space for rent, our thoughtfully designed facilities cater to businesses of all sizes.

Join Think Tank Cowork and become part of a thriving community that goes beyond the traditional co-working experience. It’s not just about finding a space to work; it’s about finding a space to belong, create, and succeed. Welcome to a community where possibilities are endless!

Meet The Faces of Think Tank Everett: Our Rockstar Community

From indie game developers to tech startups, the Think Tank community gets sh*t done. Here’s how some of our members work inspired at Think Tank.