A Think Tank Origin Story

Our Intention: Identify gaps & solve them

In 2020, Shane found himself looking to foster a startup culture and saw Everett’s potential to become a major force for innovators, or as he likes to call, “Think Tankers.” As Everett’s first coworking space, Shane knew better than anybody that the traditional work model needed to change- and so he decided to do something about it.


“I love downtown Everett. It is gritty, historic, and on the cusp of a major shift. What Everett needed was a place like minded, business focused, entrepreneurs could thrive in TOGETHER. One thing we learned during Covid was that people and personal interactions matter. Aligning with likeminded people in a high end, thoughtfully designed space is exactly what Everett needed.” Shane Kidwell, CEO & Founder

So why not take on a major construction project in the middle of a pandemic..how hard can it be? Well, building Think Tank Cowork was an immense challenge to say the least. From the beginning, it has been a labor of love, passion, and determination. Think Tank Cowork is made up of a historic building in the heart of downtown, that combines both modern functionality with vintage character.

Because it's all about

People + Community

What is Think Tank Cowork?

More than a co-working space, that’s for sure. It’s a place to gather, share ideas, create, celebrate, and even play at- but most of all, we are a community.

Who is Think Tank for?

We serve the community at large so whether you’re an entrepreneur, someone looking for an event or meeting space, want to record a podcast, are a remote employee, startup, or even a student- we’re here for YOU.

Your Own Office Space Sandbox of Ideas!

Our spaces aren’t just about providing a desk and chair; they’re about fostering an inclusive environment where different ideas and projects can flourish. If you’re seeking more than just an office space, Think Tank Cowork is the place for you. With flexible coworking spaces, meeting rooms, podcast studios, and more, we offer the versatility you need. And if you’re in search of office space for rent, our thoughtfully designed facilities cater to businesses of all sizes.

Join Think Tank Cowork and become part of a thriving community that goes beyond the traditional co-working experience. It’s not just about finding a space to work; it’s about finding a space to belong, create, and succeed. Welcome to a community where possibilities are endless!

 The Best Office space in Everett, WA

Welcome to Think Tank Cowork, the go-to place in Everett for flexible and professional office space solutions! We’re not your typical office – we’re all about working together and making it the best choice for those who want to share a office space in Everett or need a spot to rent.

Our WorkArea coworking spaces are super flexible office spaces, perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and growing teams. You can choose from private offices or open areas – there’s something for everyone!

Think Tank Cowork Is Proud to Offer an Office for Rent in Our Lively Community

Great for startups or big companies wanting room to grow. Our co space working are designed to be creative, productive, and a fun place to hang out with other members.

Join our Coworking Space Community Now!

Being part of Think Tank Cowork means you’re joining a group of professionals. From going to events to working with others who get what you’re doing, coworking is about more than just the space – it’s about being part of something bigger.
Check out our About page to learn more about why Think Tank Cowork is the place to be. We’ve got top-notch facilities and cool extras, making us the spot for coworking and renting offices in Everett. Welcome to the Think Tank Cowork era of work!

But that’s not all – Think Tank Cowork isn’t just about the workspace. Our coworking space even includes a virtual mailbox service. It’s like a super-efficient way to manage mail without the traditional hassles. Make Think Tank Cowork part of your workspace for an extra convenient professional life!

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